Request Your Favourite Anime Here

If you can’t find your favorite anime in the Anime List, drop a request here. We will try to post it as soon as possible.

If you want your favorite anime to be posted, make a request in the proper format.

Format :

  • Name (in English and Japanese)
  • Requested​ quality.
  • MyAnimeList Link.
  • Link of the Image You’d Like to See as the Cover.
  • Torrent link of the anime from or or any other downloadable source. ( Must be a source that isn’t encoded to small size)

Example :

  1. Anime: Beyond the Boundary/Kyoukai no Kanata
  2. Requesting in: 480p or 720p | DVD or BD | Dual Audio 


  • Do not request anime anonymously . If we find out we won’t do requests from you!
  • We will prioritize the anime on the basis of popularity and availability.
  • Cover Image should be of high resolution (1280p to 600p) for example  Preferable Size, Here Maximum Size.
  • If you post more than one request, we’ll do the first one. Rest will be prioritized depending​ on other people’s requests and the availability.
  • The source must be working. If it’s a torrent then make sure it’s seeded. If we are unable to download the source, we won’t be able to encode it.
  • And also don’t post twice as you can’t see your post until we approve it.

Remember, We encoders also have a life and we do this for free. So be patient if it takes time. We’ll always try our best to fulfill every request as soon as possible​.

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